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The West Bengal Civil Services Examination (WBCS) is one of the prestigious state civil service exams of India. And by this exam the West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) tests the analytical and conceptual abilities of the candidates (focusing mainly on daily awareness). Applicants must qualify in the prelims to appear in the main exam which will lead to the final personality test or interview round for selection. Thus, in order to secure a good rank in WBCS exam, it is mandatory to select best as well as important books for this exam. And for this a lot of candidates are still finding which books are best for WBCS?. They are very hesitant about which books to read?, which NCERT books for WBCS are best?, etc. So, today we'll share best WBCS booklist for Bengali and English and Hindi medium students. 

WBCS Books 2022 for Prelims and Mains Exam

As you are probably know that there are so many WBCS books available in market. And it is very important to find out or select best books for WBCS according to your needs. Some students are good at math but some are not. And those who are good at maths, they like to read or practice advanced maths and those who are not good at maths, they want to start from basic to advanced. So, it depends on your need. 

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WBCS Books 2022 for Prelims and Mains Exam 

As we have already said that there are multiple books are available in the market for different subjects of WBCS exam. Some books are written for specific subjects and some books are written based on WBCS exam syllabus and WBCS Previous Year Question. And because these verity of books, candidates get confused and they can not select the best book list for them. So, today we, for the convenience of the candidates will share top and best booklist for WBCS exam. We hope it'll help you to manage your books for WBCS exam. 

English book for WBCS 

English is one of the important papers of WBCS exam. And the prelims exam of WBCS consists of 25 questions (MCQ questions) and mains exam consists of a descriptive paper of 200 marks. And for this, it became more important to choose best books for English. For elementary knowledge of English grammar and English language teaching, you can start reading with high school English grammar book of class 8th to 10th class or you can read PC Das's English grammar book or PK Mukherjee's Highlights English grammar book for basic information of English grammar. And for advance as well as for practice set of English for WBCS exam, you can read SP Bakshi's Objective English Grammar book. 

History Book for WBCS

For History preparation for WBCS exam, you can start with NCERT books from class 6 to 9. NCERT books can help you to prepare basic history as well as advance history. And after that you can start with Poonam Dalal Dahiya's book for Ancient and Medieval history and for Modern history, you can also go with Spectrum by Rajiv Ahir. These two books are for English medium students and for Bengali medium students, you can read Jiban Mukhopadhyay and Tulsi's Handbook for history

Science Book for WBCS

Science subjects are also most important in WBCS exam and candidates get lowest marks in this subject. And that's why, you have to choose best books for science subjects. For Bengali medium students, you can start with class 8th to 10th books of  WB board. Books from class 8th to 10th are enough for WBCS exam preparation for Bengali medium students. For English medium student, you can read NCERT books of Science such as Biology, Physics and Chemistry from class 7th to 10th and then you can go with Arihant's Encyclopaedia of  general science and Lucent general science for objective questions. 

Environment Book for WBCS 

For environment preparation for WBCS exam, you can read Shankar IAS's Environment book. It is one of the best books for EVS, although the book is only available in English language, but the book is written in very simple language and we hope Bengali medium students also will be able to read it. They can also read WB board's EVS book and for English, you can also read NCERT Books from class 6th to 9th and also you can go with Disha's Environment book

Polity Book for WBCS 

Polity is one of the most important subject for WBCS exam. Indian polity and constitution becomes a difficult subject for the students of science department, but the subject can be mastered if the preparation is done from the right book. There are so many option available for polity book, but M. Laksmikant's Indian polity book is one of the best books among them. But the book is only available in Hindi and English language, For Bengali language, you can go with Anadi Kumar Mahapatra's Polity book or you can read WB board's class 11th to 12th political science book for basic knowledge. English medium students can also read NCERT books and for more reference of polity and constitution, you can read DD Basu's Constitution of India.   

Economics Book for WBCS

Most of the students do not study this subject till high school, so the subject is new to many candidates. On account of this, it would be nice to read NCERT books for basic knowledge of this subject. And you can read Ramesh Singh or Nitin Singhania's economy book. And for Bengali language, we'll again suggest you to read class 9th to 12th Economy books and Tojammel Hossain's Economy book. In Economy paper, a lot of questions come from current affairs, so you can read daily newspaper, monthly magazine, etc for it. We have already wrote an article about How To Prepare Current Affairs for Competitive exams?, you can check it for more information.

Math Book for WBCS

For those who are a little weak in math, it is better to read math books from class 8th to 10th. High school math is one of the best for basic knowledge. RS Aggarwal's Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations is very popular among the candidates. You can practice this book and it'll definitely improve your math. In addition, you can also read Quicker Math by M Tyra.

We hope this article'll help you to manage your WBCS exam books. If you have any doubt and questions about these WBCS book list, then you can comment down below. Please share this article with your friends, especially with those, who wants to become a civil servant officer. Thank you. 


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