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Everyone has a dream in life, some people want to become a doctor in life, some want to become an engineer, some want to serve for the country by becoming IAS officer and want to make their name, their parents name proud. Becoming an IAS is not as easy as it seems. For becoming an IAS officer, you have to do hard work as well as smart work. Along with you should have complete idea about what is IAS exam?, how to become an IAS officer after 12th?, What kind of studies should be done to become a civil servant or an IAS officer?, what educational qualification required for IAS exam?, etc. So, here in this article we will discuss or tell you How to become an IAS officer? and How to become district magistrate (DM)?.

How to become an IAS officer

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is considered as one of the best and most powerful posts in Indian  bureaucracy. The IAS officer is also considered as one of the highest officials in the country, above whom only ministers are there. It is not so easy to succeed in IAS exam as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work to become successful in this exam. Every year lakhs of candidates applies for this exam but only some of them becomes successful. The biggest reason for not successful in IAS exam is that lack of dedication towards this exam, lack of information and knowledge about this exam and lack of patience. Therefore, 1st you have to get complete information about it, only then you have to take steps to become an IAS officer. Here we are trying to give you complete information about how to become an IAS.

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What is IAS? and What is IAS officer? 

Indian Administrative Service popularly known as IAS, is a powerful and prestigious job in India. IAS is one of the three All India Services (AIS) of India and other two are Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Forest Service (IFS). So, how IAS officers are selected?. IAS officer are selected by civil service exam which is called UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). Every year UPSC conducts Civil Service examination for about 24 services and IAS is one of them. And the candidates who gets the top ranks in UPSC exam, then they become eligible to be an IAS officer.

After clearing UPSC and becoming IAS officer, government give them power or command to administrative an entire district as a (DM) District Magistrate or to administrative a limited part of a district as a SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate). DM or an IAS officer is the main government official of a district and he has the responsibility of a district and all of its departments such as police department, forest department, administrative department, revenue department, etc. Also as a representative of government of India, IAS officers represents India at the international platform.

How to become an IAS officer?

If you want to become an IAS officer but you don't have any idea about it and you are still searching for the correct and informative answer of it, then you must read this article. here we explain the whole process to you. But before we discuss about this topic you should ask yourself that why you want to become an IAS officer?, why you want to go to a government job?. Now if you have the answer of it then the first thing to do is to write down its answer in your diary or notebook and the day you will go to give interview, that region will definitely be there.

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Eligibility Criteria for IAS Officer 

Education qualification of IAS : Many students are still confused about the eligibility criteria for UPSC exam. They have a question in their mind and they are still searching it on internet that how to become an IAS officer after 12th?. So, here we want to make it clear that first of all you have to complete your graduation from a recognized institution, even if you have done it through distance education. And it does not matter from which degree (general and honours) and subjects you have done your graduation. But you must have a bachelor degree otherwise you are not eligible for this exam. 

Age limit for IAS : The age of candidates who are applying for IAS exam should be 21 to 32 years. However, the age limit for UPSC has been set differently for each category. And some age relaxation is also given to some categories of candidates which are as follows :

  • OBC - 32+3 = 35 Years (3 Years Relaxation).
  • SC/ST - 32+5 = 37 Years (5 Years Relaxation).
  • Disabled - 32+10 = 42 Years (10 years relaxation).

Stages of UPSC exam or UPSC exam pattern

The IAS exam is mainly conducted into three phases, such as :

UPSC Prelims Exam : The prelims exam is formed by two papers, General Studies-I (GS-I) and General Studies-II (CSAT). Both the papers are conducted in a single day by two shifts. Prelims exam's marks will not counted in the IAS final score. 

UPSC Mains Exam : The mains exam is formed by 9 papers, Indian Language, English Language, Essay Writing, GS paper-I, GS paper-II, GS paper-III, GS paper-IV, Optional paper-I, Optional paper-II. The mains exam is conducted by several days. 

UPSC Personality Test : The personality test is the final stage of IAS exam. And the final result of the exam is declared after the personality test done. 

What is the power of IAS officer?

When IAS officers works at the district level, then they are popularly known by the names of DM, Collector etc. And he is the head of a district administrative, he is responsible for every work done in his department, he gives directions to his subordinate officers such as SDM, SP, DSP, BDO, SDO, etc, if any kind of negligence is found in their work, then he can take concrete action against him/them and can suspend him/them. And dismissal power of an IAS officer is solely in the hand of the president. 

What is the job of an IAS officer?

  • As an IAS officer, he has to maintain law and order in the district.
  • Traveling to make surprise visits to monitor policies, etc.
  • To do revenue related work, such as collection of revenue etc.
  • He plays an important role in policy making.
  • In secretariats level, they perform the duties of  Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary, etc.
  • He has to undertake the responsibility of handling the day-to-day Government affairs.
  • He has to examine the expenditure of public funds in accordance with the norms of financial matters. 
  • Et Cetera.

How many posts are there in IAS officer?

  • Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Chief Development Officer (CDO), etc.
  • Chairman of the Board of Revenue.
  • Board of Revenue Member.
  • Deputy Commissioner, District Magistrate (DM), District Collector.
  • Divisional Commissioner.
  • Et Cetera.

IAS officer Posts, IAS officer Salary and Promotions :

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District Level State Level Central Level Service Years Basic Pay without DA
SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate) Under Secretary Assistant Secretary 1 to 4 years ₹56,100
ADM (Additional District Magistrate) Deputy Secretary Under Secretary 5 to 8 years ₹67,700
DM (District Magistrate) Joint Secretary Deputy Secretary 9 to 12 years ₹78,800
DM (District Magistrate) Special Secretary-cum-director Director 13 to 16 years ₹1,18,500
DC (Divisional Commissioner) Secretary-cum-commissioner Joint Secretary 16 to 24 years ₹1,44,200
DC (Divisional Commissioner) Principal Secretary Additional Secretary 25 to 30 years ₹1,82,200
No Equivalent Rank Additional Chief Secretary No Equivalent Rank 30 to 33 years ₹2,05,400
No Equivalent Rank Chief Secretary Secretary 34 to 36 years ₹2,25,000
No Equivalent Rank No Equivalent Rank Cabinet Secretary 37+ years ₹2,50,000

FAQs on How to become an UPSC officer 

What is Dearness Allowance (DA)?

Dearness allowance is a part of salary of government employers. Government gives a fixed percentage DA with the basic salary of the employee. Indian government gives this to reduce the inflation in the country and it is extended from time to time and retired employees also get the benefit of dearness allowance.

What are the facilities given to an IAS officer?

Since this job is for people, that's why it has some risks included and for that government provides security guards for IAS officer and their families. Also they get a personal car for official works, a personal residence with maids, servants, security guards and gardener, travel allowance, etc. 

Are IAS officers Rich?

Indian Administrative Service is one of the highest government paid jobs in India and the salary of an IAS officer is in between ₹56, 100 to 2,50,000 without dearness allowance. So you can say that they are rich. 

What is the fee for IAS exam?

The application fee for UPSC prelims exam is ₹100 only for general category students and for reserved category (SC/ST/PwD) it is completely free. And for main exam, the fee is ₹200. 

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