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WBCS full form 'West Bengal Civil Service', is an examination under the West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC), through this exam senior officers of the Government of West Bengal are recruited. Notices for the WBCS exam are issued in November-December month every year and thousands of candidates apply for the exam every year but very few of them actually pass the WBCS exam. So, Today we are going to share best tips and strategy for WBCS exam preparation. By following these tips and strategy you too can become one of them. 

WBCS Preparation Strategy

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WBCS Preparation Strategy

The importance of officers is immense in the conduct of various activities of the Government of West Bengal. These officers are responsible for the management of all policies, proper management of various government projects, activities of specific departments, etc. The WBCS exam is very popular among government job seekers in West Bengal for the opportunity to participate in a well-paid permanent government job.  

Passing this exam is not as easy as the candidates think. You need good strategy and you have to do hard work as well as smart work or study to pass this exam. You need to follow or check the syllabus thoroughly, it is necessary because many candidates don't follow the syllabus of WBCS exam properly and this is where they make mistakes. They don't understand that what is the exam's requirements? and what the exam is about?. So, you need to understand the syllabus first, then you can start your preparation.

Exam Pattern is another important thing for any competitive exams including WBCS. You also need to or have to check the exam pattern so that you can make a proper strategy for this exam. You need to check What kind of questions does WBCS ask?, How many stages does the WBCS exam have?, etc.

WBCS Exam Stages 

This exam is conducted through three stages such as Preliminary, Mains and Interview. Prelims exam has one paper and it comprises with 200 marks. Mains exam has total eight papers including optional paper and it is formed with 1600 marks. Although optional paper is only for group A and B. 

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WBCS Exam Preparation Tips

Practice Previous Years Question Papers  

Previous years papers is a Brahmastra to pass any competitive exams including WBCS. Collect at least 5 years questions papers and practice them regularly. It'll improve your exam preparation as well as your thought process. As you know that this exam comprise with non-descriptive questions and because of that it has become so important to follow previous years question papers.

Follow NCERT Books 

NCERT full form is National Council of Educational Research and Training. NCERT books are very important for basic knowledge for any topics. NCERT books of Economy, History, Geography, etc can help you to gain more knowledge about particular topic or subject. It explains the concept of any topics of a subject in a simple language. It is recommended or advice to read class 6th to 10th books of NCERT. 

Read WBSEB Books 

Although NCERT books are sufficient for basic knowledge but for additional study materials, you can read WBSEB Books. WBSEB full form is West Bengal State Education Board. All the books of WBSEB are printed in Bengali as the name implies. You can read from class 6th to 10th. We'll advice you to read old books of class 6th to 10th. Old books are more better than new as our per knowledge. 

Practice Math and GI  

Math and General Intelligence (GI) are both important for WBCS prelims and mains exam. In prelims exam, 10 to 15 % questions come from these two sections. And in mains exam, 200 marks questions come from Math and Reasoning section. So, it becomes very important and necessary to practice Math and Reasoning regularly. R.S Aggarwal's Quantitative Aptitude is one of the best books for Math and for Reasoning, you can read Arihant's Reasoning Book.  

Practice English Grammar Regularly  

English is another important subject for WBCS exam. 10 to 15% of the questions in the prelim exam come from English subject. And in mains exam there is a compulsory paper of English and it is about 200 marks paper. English is an important subject like any other. So, practice English regularly. You can use R.S Aggarwal's English Grammar book or you can use S.P Bakshi's Objective English for your preparation. 

Read Current Affairs and GK Regularly  

General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs is most important subject for any competitive exams and in WBCS exam it plays a important role to secure a good marks. In prelims exam about 10 to 15 % questions directs asked from these section. So, follow regular current affairs and gk. You can follow daily newspaper and monthly magazine for current affairs materials.   

Read History and Geography in Detail 

 History is the most important subject of WBCS. If you score maximum on History paper, then your chances of getting selected will be more than 80%. So, ready History books in detail from Ancient History to Modern History (Especially freedom moment portion). Geography is also one of important subjects for this exam. So, read this book in detail as well. You can read Geography books from class 6 to 10th. 

Thoroughly Read Polity and Economy 

Indian Polity and Economy are also important subject for WBCS exam as well as these subjects are also very complicated in nature, especially economy subject. Economics is a new subject for almost every student who is preparing for WBCS or any other exam, because from our childhood, most of us do not study economics in school. And that is why it seems very tough subject. So, read Indian Economy and Polity as per the syllabus of WBCS. We'll recommend you to read M. Laxmikanth's Indian Polity book and Ramesh Singh's Indian Economy book. 

Make notes  

Note making is one of the best strategies for WBCS exam. Make notes after reading a topic. It improves your writing skills and also improves your leaning process. But before making notes, make sure that you know what to read and what not to read because this exam requires knowledge from each topics but does not require in-depth information. So, make notes according to the syllabus. 

Participate in Test Series  

Participating in test series is the most important as well as necessary task for this exam preparation. It not only improves your time management process during exams but also gives you an idea of what questions to expect in exams. So, participate in monthly test series and improve your preparation.There are several websites and education platforms that conduct free test series for competitive exams each month. Join them and start your mock test. 

FAQs on WBCS Preparation 

Can I clear WBCS in first attempt?

Yes, you can clear WBCS exam in your first attempt. There are many candidates who have passed this exam in their first attempt. With proper strategy and hard work you can also become one of them. 

How to prepare for WBCS exam without coaching

You can prepare for any exams without coaching. Ultimate you have to read so collect all study materials before preparing for WBCS. And for guidance, you can follow websites and YouTube videos. Nowadays there are several online platform who provide free guide for competitive exam like Study Patron. So, follow them for your guidance.   

How to prepare for WBCS at home

Yes, you can prepare for WBCS exam at home. As we earlier say that before start preparation for any exam, you have to know the syllabus or exam pattern of that exam, then you have to collect study materials and previous years papers. 

How many hours study for WBCS 

WBCS syllabus is quite huge so you need mange your study time accordingly. And a perfect time table can help you to cover the syllabus. Although it is up to you but recommend you to read daily at least 6 to 8 hours. And we hope it is sufficient for WBCS preparation. 

Which newspaper is best for WBCS?

However, good newspapers are not available in Bengali language but you can read daily The Hindu newspaper, it is one of the best newspapers for any competitive exam preparation. Also you can read The Indian Express and Telegraph, etc.   

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