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SSC CGL Exam Preparation Tips : Every year the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts a Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGL) for various posts of Grade B and C in various departments and ministries under the Government of India . And Millions of students apply for this exam every year, but not all are selected in CGL exam and they can not crack SSC CGL exam due to lack of preparation strategy. And they are still finding the best guidance for their preparation. So, today in this article I'm going to share best strategy to clear SSC CGL exam. I hope it will help you to prepare for this exam. 

SSC CGL preparation Strategy

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How to Prepare for SSC CGL at Home

While preparing for any exam, it is necessary to pay special attention to the syllabus and its pattern and its previous years question papers of that exam, so that you can prepare according to its requirements, without understanding the syllabus and its pattern, you may faced difficulties while preparing for this exam. Even you can not conquer this exam without understanding the syllabus and its pattern of that exam.

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Without Coaching 

As we earlier say that there are many students who are trying or thinking of preparing for SSC CGL exam, But when they are thinking about this exam preparation, the first question that comes in their mind is that how to prepare for SSC CGL 2022 . There are many students who take coaching and give mock test there and solve daily questions sheets and many more, but for some students it is very difficult or expensive to take coaching for the preparation of this exam. So, we are here to guide you. 

What are stages of SSC CGL exam?

There are four stages of this exam, prelims or Tier-1, Mains or Tier-2, Descriptive Paper, CPT. While prelim exam is about 200 marks and Main exam comprises with 800 marks, Descriptive Paper comprises with 100 marks and CPT is a qualifying exam, you just need to pass it. 

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SSC CGL Preparation Tips and Strategy

Arrange Study materials 

Study materials such as books and notes are most important substance for any competitive exam preparation. So, collect study materials before 1 month of the start of exam preparation. for best book list for SSC CGL exam you can check our other post, if you want. Arranging study materials is a time consuming task. So, make sure you arrange or collect all study materials as soon as possible. 

Solve Previous Year Questions Papers 

Solving Previous Year Questions Papers is one of the most important tasks to prepare for any exams. There are so many online books available for SSC CGL previous year question papers. You can simply buy them and start practicing them. Or you use online platform such as YouTube and Google to find previous year question papers answer key. Nowadays there are several YouTube Channel and Websites who shares study materials for competitive exam preparation. 

Make Time Table and Routine 

Time management is another import think for competitive exam preparation including SSC CGL. So the routine of you preparation should be fixed. A fix routine of at least Six to Ten hours of study will have to be made daily and it will have to be followed and it will definitely help you to crack SSC CGL exam. 

For prelims exam, you can't cover all 4 topics in a day, so schedule time so that you can spend 20-30 days (According to your need) on a specific subject or topic. And utilize your time table for other topics such Current Affairs, GK (General Studies), Newspaper, etc. 

Read Daily Current Affairs and GK 

Current Affairs and General Knowledge is also important for this exam because in Prelims exam there are 50 questions (25 questions for Current Affairs and 25 questions for GK) are directly came from Current Affairs and General Knowledge section. Also in Main exam, there are several questions asks from Current Affairs and GK. So, it is more important to follow daily current affairs and GK. 

Practice Math and GI Regularly  

If you have already read the syllabus, then you probably know that in prelims exam 25 questions asks from GI and 25 questions asks from Math and in Main exam there are 100 questions are directly came from Math. So, regularly practicing Math can help you to pass this exam. For math practicing, you can use previous year question papers which are available on Google.

Practice English Regularly 

English is as important as Math because in CGL Prelims exam, 25 questions are directly asked from English and in Mains exam, 100 questions are directly asked from English. So, Practice English and its Grammar regularly. Again you can use previous year question papers for English Practice. 

Daily Revision  

Revision and self test is most important weapons to remember somethings. Revision is very important for better performance. Daily revision can help you to remember what you have read before. So, add a revision section on your daily routine and make your preparation better.  

Group Discussion 

Group Discussion can help you a lot in exam preparation. If you are preparing at home, you may have difficulty exchanging ideas about the exam. So you can participate in the online study forum or you can start groups discussion with your friends or relatives who are also preparing for competitive exams. In addition to providing input and shortcuts, participate in forums or a groups that can dispel your theoretical doubts.

Enroll in Online Classes  

Many education websites offer free online classes competitive exams, so you can prepare yourself by enrolling in them. Also you can download free study material published by them and practice their free questions set regularly. It will definitely help you to prepare for this exam. 

Give Most Test 

Since the exam are now conducted online mode, Students must be familiar with computer based exams. For this you have to prepare for the exam by giving regular mock test. This type of mock test is available both online mode and offline mode for free and for a fee.

FAQs on SSC CGL Preparation

Can I prepare SSC CGL at home?

Of course, you can prepare by yourself without help of any coaching institutions for not only the SSC CGL exam but also other competitive exams too. As we already know that Due to the high fees of coaching institutions, not everyone is able to take coaching. And nowadays there are several educational YouTube channels are available who provides free videos with premium content. So, you can watch them for your preparation. 

Does SSC CGL have interview?

No. Interview rounds have been deleted and stages have been extended. The SSC CGL exam consists of four stages and each has a specific syllabus. Tires 1 and 2 are operated in online mode, whereas Tier 3 and 4 are operated in offline mode.

What are the top posts in SSC CGL?

The top post of SSC CGL are:

  • Income tax inspector
  • Assistant Section Officer 
  • SI (Sub Inspector) in CBI
  • Assistant Audit Officer
  • Excise Inspector
  • Et cetera

Is there physical test in SSC CGL?

There are physical exams for some posts or positions of CGL exams. The standard for SSC physical examination has been fixed in the official notification of Staff Selection Commission for male and female candidates. Candidates are advised to ensure that they meet the requirements of that department before selecting any department post.

Is graduation necessary for SSC CGL?

Yes. graduation is necessary for candidates who wants to give this exam. According to SSC notification or rules candidates must be graduates. And there is no minimum percentage of marks requirement in graduation for CGL  exam. You can apply for this exam with simple graduation degree. 

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