How To Prepare Current Affairs For WBCS Exam (Complete Guide)

Current Affairs Preparation : Current affairs and GK are the most important topics for competitive exams and The WBCS (West Bengal Civil Service) exam is one of those exams where Current Affairs plays an important role to secure a good score. You have already know that WBCS is one of the country's most reputable and distinguished exam and everyone who is preparing for the competitive exam likes to get a respectable and well paying job and WBCS fulfills this requirement. And that is why every year lots of student apply for this exam. 

How To Prepare Current Affairs For WBCS Exam

But when they start preparing for the WBCS exam, they face many problems and many questions arise in their minds and they try to find answers to those problems and questions. How to prepare current affairs for WBCS? One of these questions and they are still looking for answers and guides for it. So, toady we'll share our knowledge and experiences and guide and tell you best strategy for current affairs preparation. 

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Current Affairs Preparation Strategy For WBCS

Every year about 10 to 15% questions are asked from Current Affairs and GK section in WBCS Prelim exam. Current Affairs is also important for the main exam because some of the questions are came from Current Affairs topics. It is best to follow previous year question papers for current affair preparation because it gives you a brief idea of what types of questions WBCS asks for current topics. Follow at least 10 years questions for better understanding. 

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Current Affairs Preparation Tips 

Here we are sharing some tips and strategies about how to prepare current affairs for WBCS prelims & main exam. Although these tips looks like very basic but it plays an important role for any topic preparation including current affairs. So, it is highly recommended you follow these tips carefully. We'll also share some best source of current affairs for WBCS. 

Syllabus Analysis 

Syllabus is the most important thing for any exam preparation, so check the syllabus of WBCS and read it thoroughly. It gives you a basic idea of what to read and what not to read. And it'll also give you idea about what types of current affairs should you read. So, analysis the syllabus and note down important portion accordingly. 

Read Newspaper 

Without reading daily newspaper, you can not complete your Gk preparation or Current Affairs preparation. As you already know that newspaper is the key of the hutch of current affairs, so read newspaper daily about 30 minutes to 1 hour. It will definitely improve your General Knowledge as well as your preparation of current affairs. We'll recommend you to read "The Hindu" or "Times of India" because these two newspapers are best for any competitive exam preparation, although both are available in English language but you have to read them for better preparation. It will also improve your vocabulary. 

Read Magazine 

Magazine is also important for WBPSC exam, not only this exam but also important for other exams such as UPSC, SSC exams, Rail exam, etc. Read monthly magazine and make note of important government schemes and development, don't give more time to make notes, make note only important things and read magazine roughly 30 minutes to 1 hours. Nowadays there are so many magazine available, so choose it according to you need. We'll suggest you to read "Yojana Magazine" and 'Pratiyogita Darpan magazine", don't read more than two magazine, it will be not beneficial for you. 

Watch Videos 

Nowadays there are so many online platform available for current affairs videos such as YouTube, Facebook, some education website, etc and they provide daily or monthly current affairs and GK videos. You can watch them for better understanding or you can watch daily The Hindu newspaper analysis videos on YouTube which are provided by various channels.  

Make Note 

Note making is the most important practice for exam preparation. If you read daily newspaper or monthly newspaper, then make sure you note down important news an articles. If you watch videos, then you also need to note down them. It will definitely help you in your future exams including WBCS.

Mock Test 

Participate in mock tests related to WBPSC, especially current affairs related mock test (Online or Offline mode) which are conducted by several education institution ( online and offline institution) and it'll surely improves current affairs knowledge. 


Finally you have to revise them regularly. As you already know that revision is most important method to remember somethings and for WBPSC preparation it becomes more important to revise your topics and subjects. Although you'll get non descriptive types questions in WBPSC exam and you have remember lots of questions and their answers related to current affairs and that is why revision plays an important role for any exam preparation.  

FAQs On Current Affairs Preparation For WBCS

How many months current affairs are required for WBCS exam?

Many other teachers advise you to read or follow 12 months or 1 year current affairs but we recommend you to read or follow current affairs for at least 24 months or 18 months because sometimes, WBPSC ask questions from 2 or 1 and a half years old questions which are related to current issues.

Is Lucent GK enough for WBCS?

Not at all. Lucent is only provide you basic knowledge about general knowledge and that alone will not help you or is not enough for WBCS. You have to read others GK books as well, if you want a better preparation. Although Lucent is not enough for WBCS, but if you have read all subjects precisely, then Lucent is enough for you. 

Is NCERT enough for WBCS?

No. NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) books are only give you a basic as well as authentic information for each subject and if you are preparing for WBCS, then we recommended you to read advance books as well. There is no doubt that NCERT books are one of the best materials for any exams preparation but you have to read other books as well. 

What is the salary of WBCS officer?

According to the official notice of WBPSC (West Bengal Public Service Commission), the salary will be;

  • Group A : 15,600 - 42,000 including grade pay of 5,400 with entry level gross imitation Rs. 21,000 + other allowances.
  • Group B : 15,600 - 42,000 including grade pay of 5,400 with entry level gross imitation Rs. 21,000 + other allowances.
  • Group C : 900 - 40,500 including grade pay of 4,800 with entry level gross imitation 13,400 - Rs. 15,960 + other allowances.
  • Group D : Rs. 7,100 - 37,600 including grade pay of 4,800 with entry level gross imitation Rs. 21,000 + other allowances.

Is BDO a WBCS officer?

Yes. Candidates who opt for WBCS Executive Service become BDO (Block Development Office / Officer) after two years of service. BDO is generally a Group A officers. And for BDO or Group A post, you have to better rank in WBCS exam. 

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