Top 50 Important Synonyms And Antonyms For Competitive Exams

Like other topics in English grammar, Synonyms and Antonyms are also important in English learning and you prepare Synonyms and Antonyms for competitive exams then it becomes more salient. It can help you to boost your English vocabulary as well as it can upgrade your spoken English. We have made a list of 50 important English synonyms and antonyms which we hope'll definitely help you in your future competitive exams. 

Synonyms And Antonyms For Competitive Exams

Choose the nearest or exact similar word

1. Incensed

     (a) Enthused
     (b) Excited
     (c) Enraged
     (d) Inflamed

Answer : (c) Enraged.

2. Consonance

     (a) In conflict
     (b) In agreement
     (c) In disagreement
     (d) Contradictory

Answer : (b) In agreement.

3. Furtive

     (a) Unknown
     (b) Clandestine
     (c) Secret
     (d) Unsuspecting

Answer : (c) Secret.

4. Upbraided

     (a) Make up
     (b) Handed
     (c) Make tails
     (d) Scolded

Answer : (d) Scolded.

5. Conspicuous

     (a) Important
     (b) Apparent
     (c) Prominent
     (d) Ignorant

Answer : (c) Prominent.

6. Attune

     (a) Tune
     (b) Accusation
     (c) Adapt
     (d) Harmony

Answer : (c) Adapt.

7. Drawn

     (a) Induced
     (b) Deduct
     (c) Deduced
     (d) Conduced

Answer : (c) Deduced.

8. Momentous

     (a) Memorable
     (b) Hectic
     (c) Melancholy
     (d) Important

Answer : (d) Important.

9. Gimcrack

     (a) Expensive
     (b) Smuggled
     (c) Worthless
     (d) Rare

Answer : (c) Worthless.

10. Respite

     (a) Despite
     (b) Rest
     (c) In spite of
     (d) Interval of relief

Answer : (d) Interval of relief. 

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11. Reprimand

     (a) Praise
     (b) Reward
     (c) Punishment
     (d) Rebuke

Answer : (c) Punishment.

12. Impertinent

     (a) Correct
     (b) Rude
     (c) Fair
     (d) Impartial

Answer : (b) Rude.

13. Insidiously

     (a) In a polite manner
     (b) In a forceful manner
     (c) In a secret manner
     (d) In ugly way

Answer : (c) In a secret manner.

14. Munificent

     (a) Well-to-do
     (b) Learned
     (c) Generous
     (d) Respectable

Answer :  (c) Generous.

15. Astute

     (a) Shrewd
     (b) Inexplicable
     (c) Unwise
     (d) Dishonest

Answer : (a) Shrewd.

16. Intertwined

     (a) Complicated
     (b) Linked
     (c) Destined
     (d) Complex

Answer : (b) Linked.

17. Aplomb

     (a) Arrogance
     (b) Authority
     (c) Annoyance
     (d) Poise

Answer : (d) Poise.

18. Tactical

     (a) Sensitive
     (b) Expert
     (c) Strategic
     (d) Expedient

Answer : (c) Strategic.

19. Disgruntled

     (a) Disloyal
     (b) Dispirited
     (c) Dishonest
     (d) Discontented

Answer : (d) Discontented.

20. Amicable

     (a) A just
     (b) A friendly
     (c) An appropriate
     (d) A durable

Answer :  (b) A friendly.

21. Alleviate

     (a) Abate
     (b) Relieve
     (c) Dissipate
     (d) Remove

Answer : (a) Abate.

22. Garrulous

     (a) Quarrelsome
     (b) Foolish
     (c) Talkative
     (d) Domineering

Answer : (c) Talkative.

23. Remonstration

     (a) Outrage
     (b) Criticism
     (c) Demonstration
     (d) Protest

Answer : (d) Protest.

24. Acumen

     (a) Smartness
     (b) Cleverness
     (c) Sharpness
     (d) Keenness

Answer : (c) Sharpness.

25. Solitude

     (a) Musical composition
     (b) Single mindedness
     (c) Aloneness
     (d) True statement

Answer : (c) Aloneness. 

Choose the nearest or exact opposite word

26. Deferred

     (a) Expedited
     (b) Put off
     (c) Dissolved
     (d) Postponed

Answer : (a) Expedited.

27. Squalid
     (a) Dirty
     (b) Mean
     (c) Clean
     (d) Disorderly

Answer : (c) Clean.

28. Rancour

     (a) Animosity
     (b) Enmity
     (c) Harmony
     (d) Devotion

Answer : (c) Harmony.

29. Blemish

     (a) Stigma
     (b) Blot
     (c) Adornment
     (d) Strength

Answer : (c) Adornment.

30. Clemency

     (a) Callousness
     (b) Kindness
     (c) Mercy
     (d) Leniency

Answer : (a) Callousness.

31. Nepotism

     (a) Impartiality
     (b) Indifference
     (c) Hatred
     (d) Condemnation

Answer : (a) Impartiality.

32. Dismal

     (a) Cheerful
     (b) Jovial
     (c) Dreadful
     (d) Gloomy

Answer : (a) Cheerful.

33. Perfunctorily

     (a) Nicely
     (d) Particularly
     (c) Ceremoniously
     (d) Carefully

Answer : (d) Carefully.

34. Elated

     (a) Exultant
     (b) Jubilant
     (c) Dejected
     (d) Resting

Answer : (c) Dejected.

35. Obscured

     (a) Reflected
     (d) Exhibited
     (c) Illustrated
     (d) Clarified

Answer : (d) Clarified.

36. Precarious

     (a) Comfortable
     (b) Secure
     (c) Senior
     (d) Privileged

Answer : (b) Secure.

37. Stoical

     (a) Tactless
     (b) Assured
     (c) Flinching
     (d) Awkward

Answer : (c) Flinching.

38. Perspicacious

     (a) Banal
     (d) Unreliable
     (c) Clever
     (d) Humble

Answer : (d) Unreliable.

39. Cogent

     (a) Flimsy
     (d) Simple
     (c) Unconvincing
     (d) Improper

Answer : (c) Unconvincing.

40. Profligate

     (a) Proper
     (d) Thrifty
     (c) Extravagant
     (d) Effective

Answer : (d) Thrifty.

41. Galvanized

     (a) Frightened
     (b) Distracted
     (c) Pacified
     (d) Dampened

Answer : (d) Dampened.

42. Flummoxed

     (a) Comfortable
     (b) Disconcerted
     (c) Annoyed
     (d) Delighted

Answer : (a) Comfortable.

43. Warily

     (a) Suspiciously
     (b) Carelessly
     (c) Cautiously
     (d) Carefully

Answer : (c) Cautiously.

44. Senility

     (a) Virility
     (b) Exhaustion
     (c) Laziness
     (d) Maturity

Answer : (a) Virility.

45. Urbane

     (a) Rural
     (b) Unsympathetic
     (c) Indifferent
     (d) Rude

Answer : (d) Rude.

46. Overstrung

     (a) Excited
     (b) Cheerful
     (c) Calm
     (d) Enthusiastic

Answer : (c) Calm.

47. Deliberate

     (a) Negligible
     (b) Legitimate
     (c) Casual
     (d) Unintentional

Answer : (d) Unintentional.

48. Grumpy

     (a) Surly
     (b) Honest
     (c) Pleasant
     (d) Efficient

Answer : (c) Pleasant.

49. Arduous

     (a) Absorbing
     (b) Easy
     (c) Good
     (d) Plain

Answer : (b) Easy.

50. Dispensable

     (a) Desirable
     (b) Essential
     (c) Acceptable
     (d) Relevant

Answer : (b) Essential.

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