How to prepare for UPSC and WBCS together (Complete Information)

UPSC and WBCS are two most important exams in our country. Every year millions of students attempt to crack UPSC and WBCS exams, but very few of them actually crack these exams. You probably know that these two exams are among the toughest exams in our country. And many students who have a dream to become a civil servant officer or want to get a good government job which will provide them good salary, job security, reputation etc. Civil servant job fulfills these requirements.

How to prepare for UPSC and WBCS together

Students who are preparing for state PSC like WBCS, have a question in their mind that can I prepare for UPSC and WBCS together?, So today we'll discuss about this topic. We'll talk about the difference between these two exams and try to provide a detailed information about it. 

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Difference between UPSC and WBCS Exams

UPSC : It is a central level civil services exam (CSE). The full form of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission and according to some report it is India's 2nd most toughest exam. The Civil Service Examination (CSE) is conducted by Union Public Service Commission in every year for the services of Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), etc. 

WBCS : On the other hand it is a state level civil service exam and the full form of WBCS is West Bengal Civil Service. The exam is also conducted in every year by West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) for the services of West Bengal Civil Service (Executive), WB Co-operative Service, Assistant Commissioner of Revenue Service, WB Labour Service, West Bengal Food and Supplies Service, etc. 

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Difference between UPSC and WBCS syllabus

Many candidates or students want to know that Is UPSC and WBCS syllabus same?, so it becomes more important to discuss this before we talk about How to prepare for UPSC and WBCS together. Here we'll see a brief analysis of both syllabuses. As we already said that these two exams are different from each other, although both are civil services exams. 

In UPSC syllabus, there are total 3 stages and that are Preliminary exam, Main Exam and Personality Test or Interview. Preliminary exam consists of total two papers, one is General Studies I paper and General Studies II or CSAT paper. And Preliminary exam is about 400 marks and Main exam is comprised with total 9 papers and it is about 2350 marks and among these 9 papers two are compulsory paper as well as qualifying in nature. And Interview is about 250 marks.

On the other hand, there are also three stages in WBCS exam such as Preliminary exam, Main Exam and Interview. Prelims exam comprises only one paper and it is about 200 marks and mains exam consists of total 8 papers and it is about 1600 marks and out of these 8 papers two are optional papers and optional papers are for those who will choose group A and B services, 

Although here we have provided only a summary of both these two syllabuses, but if you looks these two syllabuses carefully or if you analysis these two exams syllabuses in details, then you can clearly see that there is a some or a big difference between these two exams. And another thing is that UPSC Main exam is descriptive type while WBCS main exam is MCQ types (although 4 are MCQ types and 4 are descriptive types). 

Can I prepare for UPSC and WBCS together?

It is difficult to give exact answer of it because as we have said that both exams has different syllabus and criteria. But with hard work and smart study, you can cover these two exam syllabus. And for our opinion, yes, you can prepare for both exams together. But it would be difficult to cover these exams syllabus in one year. 

How to prepare for UPSC and WBCS together

Analyse and Understand the syllabus

Understanding the syllabus of this exam is the most important thing. You cannot crack these exams without analyzing the syllabus. Before preparing for this exam we recommend you to analyze and understand it and note important points of its.  

Maintain a Fixed Time Table

It is another important thing to prepare for both these exams. After understanding the syllabus, separate your time table or routine for each exam syllabus. Although it is up to you that how you read for these exams, but for our opinion, give one day for UPSC syllabus and one day for WBCS syllabus and continue or follow this pattern.

Analyze Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers are the key to success for any exam and it becomes more important for these two exams. If you want to get success in this exam then you need to analyze previous year question papers for both exams. It gives you an idea of what kind of questions these exams ask and also gives you an idea of how to start your preparation or what to read and what not.

Note Making Practice

Note making is also important for these exams preparation. As we have already said that in WBCS main exam, four papers are descriptive type in nature and UPSC main exam has 9 papers which are descriptive type in nature. Making notes can help you score better and improve your writing skills or note quality. It is highly recommend to make notes regularly. 

 Patience and Perseverance

Patience is essential for success in business, education or anything else in life. And when it comes to preparing for competitive exams, it becomes even more important. And without Perseverance you can not achieve your goals. So be patient and don't get demotivated if you don't crack these exams within a year or two. Remember one thing, if you work hard then one day we will definitely succeed. 

FAQs on How to prepare for WBCS and UPSC together

Can a WBCS officer give IAS exam?

Yes, anyone can give IAS exam be it any government official or general candidate or student. WBCS officer who is in Executive post or Group A post, he/she can become IAS officer even after some years of his service. But if he/she wants to become an IAS officer through state PSC, he/she needs to crack PSC as soon as possible, around 22 to 23 years, although other factors are also in there.   

Can a BDO become DM?

BDO who assists DM and to become a DM through state PSC, then it becomes a difficult tasks. Although a BDO officer or executive service officer can also be an IAS office but becoming a DM is difficult because suppose you crack state PSC at the age of 22 and with luck and your best services one day you'll become an IAS officer but your highest post will be a SDM post not a DM. So become a DM, clearing UPSC exam is recommended.

Who is more powerful IAS or judge?

Both are strong in their respective positions. Judge is a part of judicial power and IAS is a part of administrative or executive power. Judiciary in India is an independent body and in terms of power comparison judge has more powers than an IAS officer or any government official. A judge can summon an IAS officer and punish him but an IAS has no power over a judge.

Can I sit for both UPSC and WBCS in same year?

Yes, you can appear for both exams in the same year. There is no rule that you cannot take these two exams in the same year. Even you can multiple competitive exams along with these two exams. But how you manage the exam schedule is up to you.

Hope we have provided adequate information about this topic. If you have any question or doubt regarding this topic, then make sure you comment us on the comment section below. Share this post with your friends and families and Follow Us on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you


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